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Engineer • Musician • Gardener • Father


My name is Darrell Ross. I love complexity. I love the complexity of the world and how all things relate.

As I write this, I’m wreslting with how to present myself on a website. My thoughts are jumbled - I should keep it static so as to be timeless but I want to post and include dates; I should not post personal details so as to keep my private life off the internet but I want to share what makes me tick; I should choose a narrow narrative and stick to it but I like so many things.

I choose instead to not corral the experience nor the content. I will try to keep it organized but make zero promises.

This should help explain the chaos of this site. The odd juxtaposition of personal bands, origami, gardening, and parenting habits along side LaTeX, C++, and IoT projects. The random assortment of websites on Recombinant DNA, Jim Henson, and Solar Panel Systems constitute miscellaneous projects that I created websites for over the years.

I think this introduction provides great insight into my character and the maelstrom of ideas that make up me.