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UCSC Course Reports

CMPE100 Spring 2000: Logic Design

Boolean algebra, logic minimization, finite state machine design, sequential circuits, common logic elements, programmable logic devices, and an introduction to system level design. The electrical behavior of circuits including three state outputs, propagation delay, logic levels, and fanout. — My lab partner and I made an ALU with to do 7 basic operations using Xilinx Chip and software.

CMPE100 Lab 4 Report (Website)

CMPE121 Spring 2001: Microprocessor Design

The design and use of microprocessor-based systems. Covers microprocessor and microcontroller architecture, programming techniques, bus and memory organization, DMA, timing issues, interrupts, peripheral devices, serial and parallel communication, and interfacing to analog and digital systems. — Using an Motorolla HC11, I built a microcontroller that had 32k of SRAM exaustively mapped and a 128k EEPROM paged 8 times into 16k blocks.

HC11 Final Report (PDF 221K)

CMPE123 Fall 2001: Advanced Microprocessor Design

Students, alone or in teams of two or three, define a microprocessor-based design project which they implement. Class time is spent in technical discussions and ongoing design reviews. A formal presentation and demonstration of each project is required at the end of the quarter. — Using the Rabbit Microcontroller RCM2300, my lab partner and I built two IR-tropic mice.

IR Tropic Mice Final Report (PDF 12K)

CMPE126 Winter 2002: Advanced Logic Design

The principles of digital system design with emphasis on using computer-aided design tools for the specification, design, and verification of digital systems. Project is the complete design, implementation, and realization of a digital system using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

The final project was to build a 16x16 Gomoku (5-in-a-row) player to play against the computer. I was successful in building out the Gomoku player in logic gates using Xilinx and a BORG board (what they were called). My player could tie the computer as long as the computer did not look any moved ahead. Sadly, I am unable to locate a copy of the report.

Midterm Report (PDF 9K)

CMPE173 Spring 2002: High Speed Digital Design

Studies of analog circuit principles relevant to high-speed digital design: signal propagation, crosstalk, and electromagnetic interference. Topics include electrical characteristics of digital circuits, interfacing different logic families, measurement techniques, transmission lines, ground planes and grounding, terminations, power systems, connectors/ribbon cables, clock distribution, shielding, electromagnetic compatibility and noise suppression, and bus architectures. The laboratory introduced topics in high-speed digital design, and consisted of three theory and technique laboratories followed by a significant final project consisting of a functional printed circuit board uniquely conceived, designed and constructed by each student. — I built a circuit from design all the way though test that dealt with ground bounce.

Ground Bounce Report (PDF 36K)