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These are some contained websites I have built over the years that I like to preserve.

STARtech - Circa 1997

I built this site along with two friends when we were in High School around 1997. The site was part of a competition at the time called STARtech. Our site used some Java applets to demonstrate how reconomibant DNA worked and included a neat 3D interactive DNA model.

Presently the old Java Applet doesn’t work. Might be a fun thing for me to restore one day via modern code options.

Visit STARtech Website

The Dark Crystal - Circa 2000

While attending UC Santa Cruz, I took a really cool class titled “Muppet Magic”. The class explored puppets in general but did focus a lot on Jim Henson and the history of the muppets. We watched The Muppet Movie during one lecture and the entire class sang along with The Rainbow Connection. It was such a cool class. We were given an option to turn in some course material in an interesting fashion. Since knowing how to build your own websites wasn’t exactly common knowledge at the time, me and a friend of mine built our own and paired them together. I loved The Dark Crystal movie and Megan was obsessed with David Bowie in the Labyrinth movie so we each built little fan sites. Those are now preserved here.

Visit Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Websites

Solar Barn - Circa 2005

While attending Humbodlt State University, I took a class titled Engr305: Appropriate Technology from Lonny Grafman. There were many amazing things about that class. One of the coolest was Lonny allowing us to turn in our final report in almost any form of media we wished - from paper reports, to presentations, to websites. I built this website and I still have it. The site goes over the entire process of building out a small solar photovoltaic array of 480W supporting a 225 Amp Hr battery bank that is used to run the lighting in a barn. Topic covered include system sizing, panel angles, noon hour efficiency calculations, system wiring, and more. The site has turned out to be a great resource over time for myself in remembering the work and for others.

Visit PV Barn Website