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Curators are those who help maintain the overall page style guide and organization of your documents and are a critical piece of the overall strategy. Curators should evangelize your documentation organization and make themselves available to answer questions about where docs should go.


Curators are culture carriers for your documentation. They are the primary points of contact both inside and outside your team.

  • If a teammate wants to know where to put some information, they can ask the curator for a quick answer
  • If a teammate wants to move information around, then engaging with the curator will produce the most consistent results across the documentation
  • If a user is struggling to find something, they can ask the curator
  • Because the overall documentation organization and style guide is supported and enforced by the curator, the documentation will be more consistent
  • Curators help train the team on keeping the documentation consistent
  • Curators evangelize the benefits of documentation to users


Curators are intentionally named individuals whose role it is to monitor and help maintain a consistent organization of our documentation. It is beneficial to have a couple of curators who can be approached to with questions about where documentation should go.

Monitor Pages

Curators should be aware of new pages and ensure that they

  • meet established best practices around formatting
  • follow adopted naming standards
  • are located in the best location for their target audience

Provide Reviews

Curators should be available to review documents upon request.

Field Common Questions

The most common questions for curators are

  • Where can I find docs on this subject?
  • Where should I put docs about this subject?

Stub Pages

When asked where documents should go, it is very effective to create the page for the user and send them a link to it.