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I have three kids as of this moment (April 2022). Edward, Morgan, and Harmony.

Grandad Bill

My Grandad passed away in 2021. His final words were:

  • Onward and upward
  • I love you
  • See you in the bananas

The first has become something of a family motto. The last is what he said to his kids as a goodnight and what my Dad said to me as a goodnight as I was growing up and what I say to my kids.

At his funeral, this poem was read:

Onwards and Upwards

so it's onwards and upwards, away to the stars
as wearied by life to have travelled thus far
as i loosen the ropes and shake out the sails
the waves crash ashore, and the wind how she wails

the clouds gather long in their sky blue domain
though they wait for the call there, they still threaten rain
for the way is not easy, not still and not calm
the day not so blessed to escape from all harm

and the night stays as long as to harbour my fears
and the words though they carry express not my tears
and this heart she stays fragile, awake to the loss
but aware of the love that will carry across

for its onwards and upwards, the stars beckon strong
though the roots that bind me are longer than long
still its onwards and upwards, to rise or to fall
always onwards and upwards, the stars for us all.

Author Unknown