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HSU Course Reports

ENGR305 Spring 2005: Appropriate Technology

Study of various forms of appropriate technology. One group project and one individual project of sizable magnitude required. Many field-trips to nearby appropriate technology based companies like Footprint Recycling for biodiesel, the Arcata Educational Farm for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)– I designed and installed a small off-grid photovoltaic system for my a barn on my Dad’s girlfriend’s property. I built a nice web page detailing the installation of the system.

Guntley Barn Solar Power Report (Website)

IT251 Spring 2006: Industrial Control Electronics

Analog signal processing and control with theory and practice using discrete and integrated devices. Topics include noise, filtering, power supplies, operational amplifiers, DC & AC analysis, computer simulation, instrumentation, and troubleshooting skills. — I attempted to build a sophsticated capacitance probe but failed.

Water Tank Meter Report (PDF 49K)

I later used a simpler design and connected it to a Slack bot. I will write a post about that later at Water Tank Meter.

MATH 698: MS Thesis – A Distributed Renewable Energy System Providing 100 Percent of Power Demand in Humboldt County: A Feasibility Study

Humboldt County is cut off from most of California power-wise and must generate the bulk of its power locally. If we relied on Wind, Solar, Biowaste, and Wave power only, would it be possible for Humboldt County to supply all of its power needs? Now if the sun was shining, the wind blowing, the waves crashing, and the biowaste flowing all the time, the answer would obviously be yes. But intermittent sources wreak havoc. Would a distributed system work? When I began this project, I felt the answer was still obviously yes. The results were telling - the answer was no unless we had storage in which case it was yes.

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