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Page Tree


A Page Tree is a list of all child pages below the current page. Ideally, the following features should be available:

  • Dynamically Annotated - pulls synopsis information from each child page allowing users to easily tell what each page is for. This helps keep page names to a minimum too.
  • Search Feature - provide a search option that searches only the child pages.
  • Expand and Collapse Links - quickly expand all or collapse all to see the full page tree.


A page tree macro allows users to see all the pages that exist below the currently selected page. Even better is providing a local search functionality that searches only pages found there.


Most cloud-based documentation programs that provide management of multiple pages, like Wikis, provide Page Tree or Child Page macros.


The Page Tree macro in Confluence allows for importing the excerpt macro from each child page which creates the perfect dynamically annotated list of child pages. The excerpt macro is a tagged data field macro which, can be leveraged specifically for creating dynamically annotated page trees.